Who Are We?

DTG Partners is a medical product development consultancy specializing in helping innovative companies bring their products to market. We are a small mobile group that can provide focused personalized service to address customer needs. Together with our associates, the partners at DTG have more than 70 years of experience in the development of specialized medical products.

We can help you negotiate the substantial product development, manufacturing, quality system and regulatory hurdles to bring your product from the lab to the marketplace. All of our services are tailored to the requirements of your product and the realities of your business.

Can We Help You?

If you are an innovative company with a medical device product and you’re not sure how to proceed, we can help. Developing medical devices is a challenging process. To use a hiking analogy, developing a medical device involves following a root-covered path that is not always easy to see. As with any path, it helps to travel with someone who has been there before.

Why Work with Us?

We are a small company that can provide the agile and customized approach that you need. Unlike many other companies everything we do takes your product, your development stage and your company processes into account.

If you are a startup company, we can get you on the road to full regulatory and quality system compliance without a burdensome and often unusable “canned” quality system. Take a look at our philosophy and see what makes us different.

If you are a mid-sized company with established systems and short-term resource needs, we can help there as well. We have the experience to begin contributing to the project immediately.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We’ve been on this path before. We understand where you are trying to go and can help you get there. We will help you plan for your successful future but we will deal primarily with what you need NOW so that your resources aren’t wasted.

Our philosophy is different from other consulting companies.  We don’t provide “cookie cutter” solutions.  We customize the work to maximize the value for each client and their particular development stage.

So why not contact us and get started?