Based in British Columbia, Canada, our multi-talented group of partners and associates allows us to augment your current team with expertise in medical device design, pharmacology/toxicology, technical management, quality systems and regulatory submissions.

You are the experts in your technology.  We are the experts that can help you turn it into a marketable medical device.


Between the two partners in DTG we have more than 40 years of experience in developing medical devices. We are exceptionally skilled at working with design teams to bring projects from the prototype phase to final production.

Val Rubinchik M.Eng
Val Head Shot
Experienced medical device professional with proven technical, leadership and management skills. Skilled in complex medical device design, project management, ISO 13485/FDA QSR compliant Quality System development.View Valery Rubinchik's LinkedIn profile View Valery Rubinchik’s profile

Rick Kjellbotn B.A.Sc.
Rick Head Shot

Experienced medical device professional with more than 20 years of experience in medical device development. Proven experience in design, testing, manufacturing, quality systems and regulatory submissions. View Rick Kjellbotn's LinkedIn profile View Rick Kjellbotn’s profile


DTG’s associates provide additional specialized expertise that can be called upon as needed to complete your project.

Dana Nohynek MSc, RAC
Knowledgeable regulatory and quality affairs professional with over 10 years of industry experience with drugs, medical devices, combination products and orphan products. Proven track record of efficient regulatory submissions and approvals in the US, Canada and Europe. Effective in developing comprehensive regulatory strategies and various stages of product development.View Dana Nohynek's LinkedIn profile View Dana Nohynek’s profile

Evelina Rubinchik PhD
Nonclinical pharmacology and toxicology expert with significant industry experience in design, implementation and management of nonclinical programs.View Evelina Rubinchik's LinkedIn profile View Evelina Rubinchik’s profile